Welcome to the home of Centre-Point, a creative hub at the heart of Warwickshire, offering regular classes and provision in Contemporary Dance, Pilates, conditioning and wellbeing, suitable for early years through to adults. Drawing on over 20 years of professional experience as a dance artist, founder Kate Taylor invites you to explore the body's potential and develop a passion for moving!


“All that is important is this one moment in movement. Make the moment important, vital, and worth living. Do not let it slip away unnoticed and unused” -  Martha Graham, 20th century dance icon.

Centre-Point is back!

Check out the following links to see you happy! We do still have some online options and also not forgetting bespoke private & small group options.

All classes have been safely planned in line with Covid regulations, and we continue to monitor the ever rapid changes, and will ensure clients are kept informed. 


*Coronavirus Update and class management* 


Regular classes are signed up for through our membership scheme, where we offer different packages to suit. 

Regular classes are paid for via a hasel free monthly DD. Please follow link.




Fixed groups enable me to keep clients and families safe.

Each space has been measured to safely accommodate a maximum of X12 people plus a teacher/s. Detailed health and safety information is presented to all clients and can be given upon request*


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Kate Taylor: Director & Teacher at Centre-Point


After graduating from Trinity Laban, the world’s largest Contemporary Dance school, Kate went onto work with - and perform works by - many high profile choreographers, touring both nationally and internationally. In addition to her career as a professional dancer, and Director of mobius dance theatre for ten years, teaching has always been Kate’s passion. Kate has taught extensively throughout the UK, working with all ages and abilities in a multitude of settings, including community and outreach, schools, universities and the professional sector. She has also successfully managed and directed educational and outreach projects of varying scales across the country. Kate was introduced to Pilates during her formal dance training at Trinity Laban as a way to enhance strength and power and protect from injury. During the last 20 years Kate has practiced the technique and gained her teaching qualification through the Pilates Foundation in 2010. As well as teaching Pilates for health, Kate remains a practicing dance artist, choreographer and director, which only enhances the creative backbone and integrity behind Centre-Point and each class that is delivered.

Contemporary Dance

Contemporary Dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres, including modern, jazz, lyrical and ballet. It allows the participant to explore the body’s potential and increases fitness. Contemporary technique promotes a whole body workout, which in turn develops posture, strength and flexibility. The use of space, interchangeable rhythm, speed and direction gives the technique its edge and unique characteristics. From its early developments in the mid-20th century, Contemporary Dance continues to evolve.

Creative Dance in early years and beyond

Creative Dance provides the potential for personal expression. Although there is a clear structure to the class, participants are encouraged to interpret, for example, the theme, emotion, and narrative, with their own expressive form, which develops their creativity. The fundamentals of technique, posture, musicality and performance are deeply embedded within Creative Dance. Through moving with others, participants will naturally build communication skills, social skills and positive self-esteem.


Pilates takes its name from its founder, Joseph Pilates. His new approach to fitness and body conditioning has been practiced and developed since 1920 when Joseph and his wife Clara opened their 'body conditioning gym' in New York City. Pilates is a low impact form of exercise, focussing on posture, core strength and mobility. In addition to these fundamentals is the method’s holistic and restorative approach, aiming to bring a sense of wellbeing and balance to the body. Exercises involve the whole body, with an emphasis on promoting the length and strength of the muscles. Health practitioners recommend Pilates as one of the most effective forms of exercise today, benefitting all body types both mentally and physically, and demonstrating how successful the technique is for those suffering pain and structural imbalances. Pilates provides a sense of wellbeing and great body awareness – it can benefit everyone, but is particularly helpful for: arthritis, aches and pains, back complaints, fatigue, limited range of movement, and stress. It can also help both pre- and post-natal women, as well as supporting the body to rehabilitate after many types of surgery. Pilates is complimentary to many lifestyles and supports both physical and mental strength and wellbeing.


Conditioning practices at Centre-Point

Kate uses her wealth of knowledge from her career in movement and fitness as a professional dancer/dance artist, which spans over twenty years, and continues to develop. Dancers are trained like athletes, in strength, performance enhancement techniques, isolated methods and whole body focus. Building and leaning muscle tone, challenging stamina and incorporating alignment and postural work. Every inch of the body will feel worked. 


Wellbeing practices at Centre-Point

A holistic approach is very much at the heart of Kate's practice. All forms of movement, including Pilates are so good for a healthy mind and body. Taking time for yourself is a huge factor of promoting a sense of wellbeing, and this also feeds into an individuals self care.

This goes for all ages. Stimulating the mind with music, sequences, contact with others, and fully embodying the experience.

Centre-Point Retreats and Serenity Kids programme can be a more direct approach to fulfilling the need to relax, slow down and reflect.


For our range of classes/workshops/events/Retreats/private/bespoke packages, please visit the following pages 'classes'  'workshops and opportunities' page

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Safe Guarding

All teachers hold an enhanced dbs and Centre-Point ensures that all teachers maintain up to date safe guarding training. Guest teachers are also required to hold an enhanced dbs. Guest Should you wish to see any of our policies, these can be provided on request. Also if you wish to discuss a matter with us, please don't hesitate to get in touch. There will always be a first aider present.


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