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The Great Outdoors - Pilates outdoors! Garden is now closed!

Kate  delivers a series of 'outdoor' Pilates classes from spring onwards.

Embrace the outdoors, in a safe and secret location situated in Southam. Kate has been able to create a space, where clients will feel safe and secure. Come and experience Kate's love for Pilates, and let her share her passion and knowledge of the technique and the moving body, which spans over 20 years.


Current Price is: £8.00 per session


Future Outdoor classes: Keep watching this space for the last few dates in 2022!













Youth Dance

Innovators and Flight will start to form a relationship with Coventry based Ascension Dance Company and their youth companies! Kate and Co Director of Ascension, Ashley, have been in talks about bringing the youth companies together in 2022 and beyond, and when it's safe to do so of course. Sharing work, ideas, maybe making new choreography together, and generally celebrating a shared love for dance! We can't wait! Also in talks with ME Dance Company and Dancefest about collaborating.


ME Dance Company:


At Centre-Point we are committed to nurturing our dance students potential and feeding their development with additional experiences and opportunities. These may be 'in-house' when guest dancers/choreographers are brought in to work with the students and also the opportunity to be involved in local and regional performance projects, which often involve working along side professional companies. Students will also be able to sign up for workshops based at Centre-Point and will be signposted to dance performances and other external opportunities. Centre-Points wealth of knowledge and connections within the dance sector enable us to give our students a professional experience, presenting them with an exciting and eventful chapter, whether

they take their interest further or not. Workshops will be rolled out to the region for all young dancers to enjoy.

Watch this space for up and comig opportunities.

Create something personal with us for you,your family or a group of friends

Centre-Point also offer bespoke day/weekend retreats and events for all the family. Centre-Point love collaborating, so if you have an event in mind, please don't hesitate to get involved. Send your ideas our way! Could be based around mindfulness, a gathering of friends, dance related, nature and relaxation, a surprise. Use your imagination, think outside the box!




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