Adult Classes

Family Creative Dance Class, Everyone is Welcome (All ages)

Workshops. Dates to be announced

Private/small group booking option too! Get in touch

Come and take some time out from the day-to-day to explore the joy of moving together as a family! The class is centred on play, being active, having fun - and not forgetting the funky music! The session encourages self-expression and creativity between family members and a time to reconnect and to be active together.


As part of the session there will be cake and drink towards the end of the class!

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Body 'Shebang' (18+) age is flexible, younger than 18 can attend

Workshops. Dates to be announced

Private/small group booking option too! Get in touch!

Children aged 0-4 years are most definitely welcome. 


Get a morning blast with Body 'Shebang'! An extreme core and conditioning class, which fuses lot's of techniques and resistance aids to shout "Wake Up" to the whole body! This intense 30 minute workout will set you up for the day, and the next day! Built on 20 years of training the body as a dancer, which is basically like training an athlete. Workout ends with a nutritious smoothie! 



Tune into our 'Mama and Me' page for information on Mother and Baby Pilates courses and Mother and Toddler through to Pre School courses. x

LIVE! Open Contemporary Dance Class (18+) younger than 18 can attend. 

When: Thursday 8:30pm-9:30pm

Where: Ladbroke Village Hall

Group size: We can accommodate a maximum of 12


Specific workshops for dancers in training and professional dancers too.

Private/small group booking option too! Get in touch

One of the most talked about and current dance styles that everybody wants to have a go at! Accessible to everyone of all ages and abilities, and level of experience. Contemporary Dance, beautiful and strong in form and expression, works the whole body from head to toe, and always set to fab music! Here at Centre-Point we pride ourselves on being a Contemporary Dance specialist school, with 20 years performing and teaching the dance technique.


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