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Open Contemporary

"Kate is a great teacher, extremely creative and patient and fully understands the workings of the body to get the best out of people" 


“When I first attended Kate's class, I hadn't been to a dance class for a couple of years. I was very nervous and I wasn't even sure if I wanted to dance anymore. But in Kate's class I began to want to dance again. The exercises were fun and unusual but still had flow. And Kate moved with such ease, it made me want to move in the same way...I love Kate's classes!”


Family creative class

“I recently attended Kate's Family Creative Dance workshop with my children aged 5 and 1. I was a bit reluctant at first as dancing is not exactly my forte, but I was instantly converted. The atmosphere was friendly and Kate was brilliant at making everyone feel welcome and at ease. The workshop was great fun for everyone! It was energetic (it felt like I had a good workout the following day) and energising and both kids loved every minute of it. It was just the perfect combination of exercising whilst playing with my children and we all can't wait for the next session. Thanks Kate for arranging this fun activity!”


“We all really enjoyed the family creative workshop. Despite my 6yr old son being a little reserved at first he soon got stuck in and had a great time. A great way for all the family to get moving and keep healthy together”


Creative dance classes

“Kate did a great job engaging all the children, I was pleased to see my daughter so involved from the beginning. Kate made the session really fun and the children seemed to find it easy to be creative with her direction”


Youth Contemporary

"Kate is an amazing, patient and talented teacher, she gave me incredible training and support and helped transform my dancing career" 


Pilates for all

“Doing Pilates regulary with Kate has totally changed my body. I'm fitter and more energised and less stressed. I always look forward to the class. Kate gives you individual attention so you know you are in the right position to get the maximum from the exercises. The exercises are tailored to your individual needs so I never worry that I will aggravate an old injury or get a new one. The class is different every week so its never boring.”


“Kate gets a 10/10 from me”

“I have been to many Pilates classes in the past this is by far the best. Kate the instructor explains all the movements and makes sure you are in the correct positions. Also no class in the same as you are always evolving”


Youth Pilates

"Pilates has benefited me as a dancer in training as it gave me the opportunity to relax and take my time when the rest of my college course was fast paced. It also gave me knowledge of myself, my strengths and weaknesses in each area of my body. I learnt to focus on my breath and use it with each movement.These are skills which have massively benefited me during my training and will continue to do so in my future career."


Postnatal Pilates

“After having my second baby, I needed some physio to support the recovery of my abdominal muscles. The physiotherapist advised me to do Pilates. Joining Kate’s post-natal Pilates group gave me a little bit of ‘me time’ that allowed me to be with my baby! It speeded up my recovery and I really loved it. I felt calmer, stronger, had better posture and when I walked out, I often felt just a little bit taller!”

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