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Centre-Point Youth Dance Company is a first for Southam and the surrounding area. And boy, are we excited. Launching soon. Audition announcement to follow...

For those already dancing and for dance enthusiasts, age 12+, this is a unique opportunity to be part of a high quality youth company, touring both regionally and nationally.

Trained by Centre-Point's professional team, plus guest teachers, choreographers, meet industry experts, and learn all about the art of choreography.

This is an amazing opportunity, and one which will nurture and develop each individuals passion for dance, movement and creativity.


The future is yours, go grab it! 

Entry to Centre-Point Youth Dance Company is by audition or invite only. EVERYONE is welcome. 

Raw potential is just as important. Bring it!


Audition date to follow soon ...

To register your child's interest:

KateTaylor-All (12 of 140)
KateTaylor-Adults (28 of 110)
KateTaylor-All (38 of 140)
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