Dance Classes

Free trial class available for all classes excluding 'Dynamites'. Contact us today.


Family Creative Dance Class (All ages)

Pay as you go! *No free trial available*

When: Sunday (events will be anounced on our website and social media)

Where: Graham Adams Centre

Time: 1:30pm - 3:00pm

See term dates 


Come and take some time out from the day-to-day to explore the joy of moving together as a family! The class is centred on play, being active, having fun - and not forgetting the funky music! The session encourages self-expression and creativity between family members and a time to reconnect and to be active together. As part of the session there will be cake and drink towards the end of the class!


Moma Move it Fitness (Fitness for mum in a child friendly environment 0-4 years)

Pay as you go option!


Where:The Graham Adams Centre

1:30pm- 2:30pm 

During the class, participants will not only develop an increased level of fitness, but will benefit from a whole body workout. No prior experience required, simply a keen interest in keeping fit. This dynamic class not only gives you the opportunity to exercise in a supportive environment, but will cover stamina, body control and body conditioning. Set to an uplifting playlist, the class of course offers a social element and also focuses on a sense of fun and enjoyment! Expect sweat, muscles working, bodies toning and feel good music. Refreshing beverage at the end too!

For the children, there are age appropriate play stations set up around the space. High chairs also provided should you need one. If little ones fancy a boogie, of course, let them be inspired by mummy!

Dynamites Dance & Music (18mth - 4 years) Younger ones more than welcome, and still get loads from the class

Pay as you go! *No free trial class available* Loyalty card award scheme! Stamps equal awards!

When: Wednesday

Where: The Graham Adams Centre

Time: 11:15-12:00, followed by 'Lunch Club'  - optional, no extra cost! (Bring your packed lunch!)

'Dynamites' is an immensely fun 'Pre-School' Dance class! A stepping stone to our more structured 'Dynamos', for 4+ on a Tuesday at The Grange Hall, 4:00pm. Allows little ones to boggie, have fun and to let their imagination run wild, with props to play with and parachute fun! Movement is such a key part of a child's development. Drinks and snacks half way through the class. Look out for 'Dynamite' the duck too! Grown ups can either chose to sit and watch or join in (get pulled away from their cuppa more like!). Engaging and popular music forms the playlist to the class. Cake and cuppa for grown ups! 

Dynamos (4-6years)

When: Tuesday

Where: The Grange Hall

Time: 4:00pm - 4:45pm


‘Dynamos’ is a step up from 'Dynamites'. It is a fun, dynamic and interactive dance class, where each child's natural ability and potential is encouraged. The class will build on co-ordination, body control, skills, confidence and rhythm. The combination of body awareness and expression are explored through playful exercises and taught dance sequences, including Contemporary, acro and tumbling Guided by their teacher, ‘Dynamos’ are also given the opportunity to create their own imaginative movement phrases. 

Rainbow Award through the NATD (National Association of Teaching Dancers) Our fantastic Dynamos will get the opportunity to take a short and fun exam/s in July (date tbc). It will involve a short dance/s in a set style; Contemporary, Ballet, Acro etc. They may just do the one dance, or if we feel they can manage, they could do two. For each exam they take (dance they do), they receive a rainbow award, which is one of the colours from the rainbow! 

Innovators (7-10 years)

When: Tuesday

Where: The Grange Hall

Time: 4:45pm - 5.30pm


Progressing from 'Dynamos', is 'Innovators' Dance class, where ability and potential are ever-present. The class starts to introduce the principles and foundations of Contemporary Dance, whilst still being influenced by other dance genres, including jazz, commercial styles, acro and tumbling. In addition to building on physical expression and technique, movement vocabulary and performance skills are developed. Alongside taught movement phrases and dance sequences, Innovators will have the opportunity to explore their own choreographic voice. The group will devise new works throughout the year, with both in-house teachers and guest choreographers, to perform at various venues and events.

Youth Contemporary (11+ Senior years)

When: Tuesday

Where: The Grange Hall

Time: 5:30pm - 6:30pm


An engaging and dynamic class, where participants will gain a strong understanding of Contemporary Dance, whilst still being influenced by other dance genres, including jazz, ballet, commercial styles and acro. The class is designed to develop technique, fitness, conditioning and musicality, whilst nurturing each individual’s potential. The dancers will also be given the opportunity to develop their skills as young choreographers and improvisers; two invaluable skills to have. The group will devise new works throughout the year, with both in-house teachers and guest choreographers, to perform at various venues and events. What better way for a young dancer to explore their potential, gain valuable experience and learn about possible routes into formal training?

NEW FOR 2020 for Innovators and Youth Contemporary

Exciting opportunity for all Innovators and Youth Contemporary dancers to take a Contemporary Dance Syllabus exam through the NATD (National Association for Teaching Dancers) 

Each week, during the structured class, a couple of exercises from Grade 1-6 will be taught. (Relevant grades associated with the age range in either class, will be taught). No different to learning a new exciting dance phrase! I must stress, these will only form one part of our diverse and dynamic classes. Along side gradually learning the syllabus, in a relaxed nature and over the duration of the year, there will be X3 4 hour intensives on the following Sunday's leading up to the exam in July 2020 (date to be confirmed). Sundays 10am-2pm Southam Venue tbc: 17th May, June 21st, July 5th. Only those dancers wishing to to be entered for an exam, would need to attend these intensives. They will be £15.00 per Sunday, per dancer. Even if dancers decide they don't want to take an exam, that's absolutely fine, and won't effect their progression with centre-point. We believe it's still a win, win situation as the syllabus is beautiful, so even if the exam route isnt for you/your child, everyone can benefit from the additional technical knowledge they will gain. 

Innovators and Youth Contemporary - Arts Award//

From early 2020, we will be offering all our Innovators and youth contemporary dancers, the opportunity to gain an award/s in the Arts in association with the national organisation Arts Award. This is optional, so dancers don't have to take part and won't effect their journey or progression with centre-point if they decide against it. A large amount of the award will be gained in class, without them realising it! It can also take them as long as they need. There is a commitment (see each award below for hours) but no deadline. We will keep track of each dancer.


'Explore' Award, 25 guided hours + 10 independent hours (approx 6 months)

An over view: To achieve an Arts Award Explore, children and young people collect evidence in an individual arts log of their experiences of: Taking part in a range of art activities, and what has inspired them. The work of artists or organisations. Creating a dance. Share with others what they have achieved/enjoyed through gaining the award.

Youth Contemporary: 

Bronze Award, 40 guided hours + 20 independent hours (approx 1 year)

An over view: Actively participate in an art form. See at least X1 arts event and review it. Research a dance artist/artist. Pass on an arts skill

Silver Award, 60 guided hours + 35 independent hours (approx 1.5/2 years)

An over view: Collect evidence in an individual arts folder. Identify and plan an arts event (showcase for example) Deliver and review their event. Review other art events and research further opportunities and careers in the arts. Identify a leadership role and review it.

Gold Award 16 points on the UCAS tariff

Fearless Boys Dance 

When: Thursday

Where: The Grange Hall

All ages welcome, just the desire to move and be physical!

Time: 4:00pm-4:30pm

An engaging and physical class, aimed at getting boys moving by using various techniques, including aerobic work, lifting, catching, tumbling, acro, team work, choreography, different dance genres including urban styles and of course loads of fun too!

Serenity Kids Mindfulness class

When: Tuesday

Where: The Grange Hall

7-10years 4:00pm-4:45pm

11-18years 4:45-5:30pm

Serenity Kids is a brand new class, created by Centre-Point, specifically for children and teens.

Serenity Kids involves Relaxation, balance work, stretch, strengthening, reflection and space to chat, unwind and have fun. And it goes without saying, boys and girls. No prior experience necessary. The combination of techniques can help the following: Core strength, balance, stress, dyspraxia, postural and alignment issues, confidence, social interaction, strength, flexibility, body awareness, performance enhancement and fitness.

Body 'Shebang' (18+) age is flexible, younger than 18 can attend Launches January 8th 2020!

Pay as you go option!

When: Wednesday morning

Where: The Graham Adams Centre

Time: 9:15am-9:45am

Launch: Children aged 0-4 years are welcome. Lets see how it goes, and chat after the launch class. We want to make the class accessible to all and for many it's a prime time to workout!


X10 FREE Bamboo smoothie bottles to give away to the first X10 people to sign up post launch class!

Get a morning blast with Body 'Sherbang'! An extreme core and conditioning class, which fuses lot's of techniques and resistance aids to shout "Wake Up" to the whole body! This intense 30 minute workout will set you up for the day, and the next day! Workout ends with a nutritious smoothie! Can't wait to see you for this brand new workout!

DanceHIIT (18+) age is flexible, younger than 18 can attend.

Pay as you go option!

When: Thursday evening

Where: The Graham Adams Centre

Time: 8:30pm - 9:30pm


During the dance class, participants will not only develop an increased level of fitness, but due to the nature of Dance technique, will benefit from a whole body workout. No prior dance experience required, simply a keen interest in keeping fit and enjoying an up lifting playlist! This dynamic class not only gives you the opportunity to exercise in a supportive environment, but will cover stamina, tone, resistance work, body control, body conditioning, coordination and musicality. Set to a high energy playlist, the class of course offers a social element and also focuses on a sense of fun and enjoyment! Expect sweat, muscles working, bodies toning and feel good music. 

Adult Contemporary Dance Class (18+) Launches Sept 12th

Pay as you go option!

When: Tuesday evening

Where: Southam College Drama Studio

Time: 8:15pm-9:15pm

One of the most talked about and current dance styles that everybody wants to have a go at! Accessible to everyone of all ages and abilities, and level of experience. Contemporary Dance, beautiful and strong in form and expression, works the whole body from head to toe, and always set to fab music! Here at Centre-Point we pride ourselves on being a Contemporary Dance specialist school, with a collective 40 years performing and teaching the dance technique.


Pilates Classes


Pilates For All (18+) age is flexible, younger age can attend

When: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Where: Tuesday The Barn Houlton// Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at The Graham Adams Centre

Friday Lilbourne Village Hall

Time: Tuesday at The Barn 10:00am - 11:00am// Tuesday 7pm-8pm, Wednesday 10:00am - 11:00am & Thursday 6:15pm-7:15pm and  7:30pm - 8:30pm at The Graham Adams Centre


A dynamic class suitable for all abilities, which focusses on strength, mobility, flexibility and a sense of wellbeing. There is also an element of cardiovascular fitness to the class. Kate also works with the Pilates fundamentals including fluidity and control.Each individual client’s needs are addressed, whether the goal is health or fitness related, both meeting and challenging each participant’s objective. The class sizes are kept low to allow each clients needs to be met.



Pilates for Mother & Baby

When: Tuesday and Wednesday

Where: Tuesday at The Barn Houlton// Wednesday at The Graham Adams Centre

Time: Tuesday at The Barn 1:15pm-2:15pm// Wednesday at The Graham Adams Centre 12:30pm - 1:30pm


This class is designed specifically for mums and their babies, giving mothers the opportunity to start to regain both fitness and stamina in a supportive 'baby -friendly' environment. The class will focus on toning the tummy and pelvic floor muscles and strengthening and toning additional muscle groups. Exercises incorporating stretch and release will be used to relax tight muscles, and relaxation techniques will create a sense of inner peace. Babies will both watch mummy and also be sensitively incorporated into certain exercises. Other babies, physical and social interaction along with a relaxing musical backdrop, is great stimulation for a baby’s developing mind and body.

*How old can a baby be? Every mothers story is individual to them, and each mother knows their child. The only thing we say, is come and try a class. We look forward to seeing you. In the mean time, don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss this or any other element.


Mums - please be aware that current guidelines suggest you should wait at least 6 weeks after a vaginal birth, or 10 weeks after a C-Section before attending an exercise class, and you must get consent to exercise from your GP, Midwife or Healthcare Provider before joining a class. Please note these are minimum recommendations and as we are all individual you may not feel ready to exercise until much later than this. Do what is right for your mind, body and baby and only attend when you feel it's the right time, and you are given the go-ahead by a health professional!


For Mother & Baby Pilates a selection of toys will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your little one’s favourites!

Pilates for Mother & Toddler/Pre School

When: Tuesday

Where: The Barn Houlton

Time: 12:00pm-1:00pm

This slightly more progressive class, working more in line with our beginners to intermediate 'Pilates for All', is designed for Mother and her ‘on the move’ child/children! Mothers can relax knowing that their children are happy and safe, in a child friendly environment. Some toys are provided. Toddlers also instinctively copy and join in with some of the positions and shapes, which we don't force, but encourage and celebrate.

Private Tuition

Pilates and Dance: Private one to one/semi one to one classes available on request. Please contact us if you are interested in this. Some clients/pupils prefer this method of teaching, or it could be for rehabilitation purposes or to work on a specific area/focus, whether that be Pilates or dance. The session could take place at one of our venues or at your home. We look forward to hearing from you.

Pilates Clinic opens September 2019 in Southam! More info on how to book private treatments to follow very soon...

Classes coming soon...

Dance at Houlton

Pilates for Mother & Toddler/Pre School in Southam

Prenatal Pilates location tb

'Fit together' Fitness and conditioning sessions for parent & child

Youth Dance Company in Southam

Aerial classes for children and adults

Contemporary for adults

workshops in relaxation techniques for all ages


Children and youth classes age guideline

The age requirements are a guideline to help you chose the most suitable class for your child. Please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss a particular class/classes. Pilates for all can encourage teens and their parents at appropriate times; it works really well, and have always had a positive outcome.

Flexible class plan option for termly clients


As you have committed to us, should you have to miss a class, simply have a look at our timetable and chose another suitable class, whether it is the same week or when suits. Just let us know the class name, date and time. No additional charge of course!


You are advised to bring some water to classes to keep bodies hydrated.


When appropriate you must always seek advice from your doctor before embarking on an exercise programme.


Please follow the link to find your class/classes or go to our registration and booking page

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