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With over 20 years professional experience in the dance industry, working as a performer, teacher, rehearsal director and choreographer, and along side this, working heavily within the field of Pilates and wellbeing, allow Kate (Director of Centre-Point) to work you to your best potential, in your own environment. We have something for everyone! Extremely suitable for small spaces/outside if we have the weather! Lets keep moving to maintain healthy bodies and minds. Remote fitness can be taken anywhere. No boundaries, no limits.

Classes available to subscribe to please see below. Excluding 1-1 or semi private online training sessions, currently all classes are all pre recorded.


Watch this space for new  'LIVE' classes that you can also subscribe to, coming soon. GMT.

Subscribe to one of our X6 week online courses listed below. Choose just X1 class or a bundle! You will receive your 'week one' class/es on receipt of full payment, and then each subsequent class/es will be emailed out at the beginning of each week, whether that's just X1 class or X7, ready to kick start your weekly routine for yourself or the whole family!

On completing a X6 week block with centre-point, we shall be in touch to see if you/your family would like to re subscribe to the same or different classes. We will also keep in touch during this time, keeping you up to date with any new classes, and our 'LIVE' events. 

Recommended age for classes: This is aimed at giving you some guidance. Your know your own body best, and your family members. We have something for everyone.

Class list and cost for X6 classes                                                                                                            

Pilates//recommended age late teens - adults:45 minute class                                              


Body Shebang Fitness//recommended age late teens - adults:30 minutes                          


'Moma Feel Good' Postnatal class - From postnatal check/Triage: 30 minutes


Open Contemporary//recommended age late teens - adults:30 minutes                              


Dynamos Dance//recommended age 4 - 6yrs:30 minutes                                                      


Innovators & Youth Dance//recommended age 7+yrs:30 minutes                                          


Serenity Kids Relaxation//recommended for all children:30 minutes                            


1-1 or semi 1-1 (mother & daughter/couple for example) private training session with Kate

via Skype/alternative including online consultation at the

time of session and if necessary pre consultation via

Skype/alternative : 45 minutes                                                                                      



*1-1 or semi 1-1 sessions cover Pilates, dance/specific areas of dance technique or performance, performance enhancement, sport specific, rehab, conditioning. "If you don't ask you don't get!" 

(the words of a true Yorkshire lass!) So please don't hesitate to get in touch and lets discuss your needs. Under 18 must have a parent/guardian with them in the room.*

Pricing: Current prices and discounts are based on what I feel is fair to charge at the time of launching the online facility, taking on board the current climate, teaching not in person, and no studio rates to cover. This will be reviewed in the near future. Our knowledge, and level and wealth of experience and is our unique UPS, but we are also aware of what is being shared for free on the internet. We hope you do chose someone in Industry, support local (or national/international) and enjoy our personal and in-depth classes. Thank you.

*'LIVE' class pricing will reflect other variables including live and direct connection with teacher and location. More information to follow*

* If your reading this and are on a low income/currently no income, please do get in touch and donate what you can. I truly what to reach out to as many people as I can*


X2 classes (i.e Pilates and Dynamos Dance): Receive 10% discount off your total bill

X3 classes: Receive 15% discount off your total bill

X4 classes: Receive 20% discount off your total bill

All X7 classes for £59.00 in total!

X4 1-1/semi 1-1 private training sessions for £49.00 in total!

To book on to classes: Please complete the very simple form below, inputting the classes you would like to subscribe to and 1-1's too if applicable, then press SEND! An invoice and a short booking form will then be raised and a welcome email sent out to you, confirming your subscription. On receipt of full payment (ideally BAC's but we accept cheque) and form I will send over your first class/es. Lets get the world moving! A receipt of payment will also be sent to you for your records.

To book a 1-1 or semi 1-1 private training session/s: As above, complete the online form below and press SEND! An invoice and a short booking form will then be raised and a welcome email sent out to you, confirming your session/s . In addition to this I will contact you directly of course, to schedule a suitable time/times. Prior to the session/first session, payment and form must be received and made in full (ideally BAC's but we accept cheque) . A receipt of payment will also be sent to you for your records.

Sensible bits!

Seeking advice from your GP and medical advice:

Your advised to seek advice from your GP before commencing a fitness programme/on behalf of somebody, and if you have any concerns, do get advise first. Moma Feel Good - Where possible please ensure you have had a postnatal check/triage over the phone. Go at your own pace.

Know your limits, range of movement and contraindications (physical/medical issues that don't stop you, but that you still have to be mindful of). I will be keeping in touch with all online clients, and I will make myself available via online channels, but even though I am with you in energy and spirit, I am not in the same space as you, even 'LIVE' classes will have limitations. Simply take care and work out sensibly. This isn't intended to put you off, I'm simply looking out for you.

Disclaimer: In participating in one of our classes/your child or children taking part, that you are responsible for your own actions/your children's actions, and that you are aware of the risks, however low they may be.

Risk Assessment for you the client: Check your small space/space you are using is clear and there are no objects on the floor. Get someone to help you move objects if necessary. Engage your core whilst doing so! Your clothing is suitable (maybe not jeans and a woolly jumper and flip flops!) Keep water near by and a means of contacting somebody (if you're on your own).No sharing of video material or recording. Only promotional shots/clips to support

Centre-Point.Thank you.

Keeping in touch!

After commiting to subscribe to centre-point's online classes, my commitment to you is to keep in touch, take on board feedback, send ways to remain positive and of course to ensure you receive high quality classes.This can be via WhatsApp/email/facebook/text. You will be able to indicate this on your short booking form.

Looking forward to hearing from you. And if you have any questions or have any problems completing the form/submitting it, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I can always take booking info via email/phone. E: 07748262866

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